Here are some of the thousands of clients that Suzanne, Kris and the Great team of Cal Home have helped:

Dear potential Real Estate Clients of Suzanne Rocha…Let me start by saying “Congratulations” on making the smartest move of your house buying journey! Suzanne has turned a potential life altering scary situation into an easy home buying experience.  From start to finish, I was confident in her.  She was always communicating to us in a timely manner. I cannot be happier with the outcome! It was nice to put our trust in her kind and knowledgeable care!

Coleen Ramos, El Sobrante

I Robert, along with my wife Theresa recommend Suzanne Rocha and her staff! Thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping us sell our home.  Her and her staff are always so courteous and answered our questions.  Ms. Rocha and her staff relieved a big burden from our lives. Thank you again for your assistance in helping a Viet Nam Vet and his wife. If anyone needs their home sold we recommend Suzanne Rocha.

Robert and Theresa, Morgan Hill

Suzanne got the job done in a very professional manner! I really appreciate it Suzanne.

Sam Bort, Concord

Suzanne was wonderful to work with. She made the home buying process very simple and easy.  Suzanne was always prompt when responding to us and the sellers. Suzanne and her team did a wonderful job explaining everything to us, which was comforting. She has a great personality and is very approachable.  We purchased a terrific home because she is excellent at negotiations and knew how to get our offer accepted!

Vincent Kapelli, Livermore

We sold our home in Danville and I highly recommend Suzanne.  She was always so responsive and compassionate.  The decision to move closer to our parents was a difficult one.  We are a large family and didn’t want to have the routine open houses and signs.  She understood our situation and worked around our hectic schedules as well.  She did a great job negotiating for us and we sold our home.  She is wonderful to work with and a real pro!

The Gregg Family, Danville

Dear Suzanne, Tom and the CH Team, I was forced to sell my home due to a separation and knew that my house was underwater.  I had no idea what to do.  I was referred to Cal Home by a co-worker and it was a great experience! I spoke with Tom Ramsey and from the first phone conversation, I felt secure that I was in good hands. Tom and the team treated me with respect and made me feel that I was their number one priority. They were not only attentive and responsive to my questions, but displayed a level of professionalism that is rare to find these days, especially in the challenging Bay Area housing market.  They helped turn a difficult situation into a positive experience.  I recommend Cal Home without hesitation to anyone facing a short sale.


Nelia, Oakland

Dearest Suzanne and the CalHome Team, thank you so much for all the hard work, professionalism in getting the job done with selling my property! You are all so awesome for making this happen for me! Wishing you continued success in 2014!

Marlene, Hercules

Suzanne, Kris and everyone at CalHome, there is no possible way to really show our true thanks and absolute gratitude for what you have all done for us and so many others.  You have changed our lives in the positive way and opened up so many endless possibilities for our future! With every little dream that comes true in our lives, we’ll ALWAYS remember it started with YOU!!!

Kelly and Lisa, Walnut Creek

Dear Suzanne, Kris, Alisa and Team,

Thank you so much for all of your efforts with getting our home SOLD! You are all fantastic! You did everything you said and made things on our end so simple and effortless! We can’t Thank You enough for all you’ve done to make this happen so smoothly and quickly.  We are so grateful and will always recommend you to anyone we know!


Courtney and Scott, Peteluma

Thank you for helping us to make the decision to sell both of our homes. It was something we really had to think about, but with expertise of Suzanne, we were able to make an informed decision, that made the best business sense for us. She was understanding, very knowledgeable, and helpful the entire process. Also, the Cal Home Research Team is terrific! From Ryan, to Liz , and the tenacious Alisa, they were all great in assisting, & stream lining the process as much as possible. You guys are outstanding. We most definitely will contact you when we are ready to buy again, and we absolutely recommend your company to all our friends and family!!!

The Lewis Family, Walnut Creek

We wanted to take the time to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with the entire Cal Home Research Team, including Tom, Suzanne, Kris, Liz and Stephanie. Our experience working with your team has been excellent and we are fortunate to find a company that we can count on.  We would like to thank all the staff behind the scenes for their hard work in taking care of our needs.  Thanks again for a smooth transaction!

The Isaac Family, Walnut Creek

Dear Suzanne,

We had been trying to short sell our property since October 2011 when my husband saw your television advertisement in April 2012. We had two short sales fall through with my previous agent.  After the second one fell through in May 2012 my husband adamantly insisted that you become our agent as he was so impressed with what he saw during the TV segment.  I placed my call to you and you called me back at 7:30pm that night.  Right off the bat, I was impressed to hear from you after hours.  You listened to me and answered all my questions.  Within a few days the house was back on the market again as your listing and we received an offer within a short time.  Since we had been through the process before we knew what to expect, but your office kept on top of our pending sale and kept us informed throughout the entire process.  Even the buyer’s agent said “you are the best in the bay area for short sales and if you can’t get it done, no one can”.  You and your entire team did an excellent job and Suzanne you did get it done!  You saved me and my husband from total financial ruin by getting the short sale done in 2012 so that we can take advantage of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act.

You are truly an incredible and caring agent.  You went above and beyond during the short sale to make sure that it closed.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate how hard you worked to get this done.  You dealt with my ups and downs with professionalism, understanding and care.  Thank you for embracing the short sale arena! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone considering a short sale.  You are truly a Short Sale Specialist- Short Sale Superstar!

Amy, Richmond

Suzanne Rocha and everyone at Cal Home Research are simply amazing!  They know all the ins and outs of the short sale process, and I always felt confident that it would be completed.  Suzanne and her team were relentless in helping the short sale go through.  Once we started, I signed the necessary forms, and for the most part, I didn’t have to do anything – they took care of everything!  Whenever I had questions, I would get an answer back immediately.  Thanks to Suzanne and her team, I can now put this property behind me and move on.

Matt, San Ramon

I am so thankful to Suzanne Rocha and the Cal Home Team.  I needed to sell my home fairly quickly to accommodate my out of state job transfer.  Their marketing and negotiation skills are phenomenal.  I was able to get an awesome price for my home so that I could transition back East with ease.  The entire transaction was so smooth.  Thanks again!

Ellen, Danville

Thanks to Eric Hee and Cal Home Research, we were able to buy an amazing house.  Our offer was selected out of over 16 offers.  Thanks to their great reputation and awesome negotiation skills we found a great house to raise our kids.  Eric never gave up and found us what we really wanted.  He represented us so well.  Thanks again for all you did…it exceeded our expectations.

Jackie and Enrique, El Sobrante

Thanks to Suzanne Rocha and Kris Karaglanis I was able to sell my home for a great price.  Wow, I was amazed on all the offers we received so quickly.   As you know I really needed the extra money to move into the new retirement community.  I am really enjoying life now especially without all that yard work I use to have.  I highly recommend Cal Home Research.

Rose, Dublin

Thank You Cal Home Research for getting me Top Dollar for my home.  You took care of everything and had offers in a short time even without a sign in my lawn.  I was uncertain if I should wait for the market to improve before selling my place.  I am glad I sold!  I can’t thank you enough for your insight and help.  It was a perfect time to sell so that I could get my Dream Home for a great price and low interest payment.  You guided me every step of the way and that was exactly what I needed. I would recommend you and your team to anyone.  You guys are amazing!!

Lynn, Brentwood

I wanted to take a minute to formally thank the whole team at Cal Home Research for doing an excellent job in getting my short sale done on my condo.  From my first call with Kris I felt you understood my particular financial dilemma, and that you cared.  These days homeowners often feel overlooked and we don’t get responses back from big banks.  The team was kind, courteous and responsive in getting back to me with answers on my questions and you’re advice throughout the process was spot on.   I am so deeply grateful.  My short sale is completed and I have a fresh financial start.  Thank you again for helping me thru this process.  If you have the need for another recommendation from a satisfied customer you can always count on me!

Cindy, Hayward

I wanted to Thank You for stopping my foreclosure on my rental property. I had such a hard time communicating with the bank personnel everytime I had to call them.  It seems as though there was a new person to talk to everytime.  You and your team made it happen even with my tenants in the home.  If it wasn’t for Cal Home Research the property would have ended up in foreclosure.  I will certainly recommend Cal Home Research to all.  Thanks again!

Terri, San Leandro

I just want to thank both of you for everything you did in handling our entire short sale process. From handling the banks, to handling me! I am so thankful that I decided to make contact after I saw Suzanne on Channel 4! Having to sell our home, especially in this situation, is something that I would never have imagined would happen. This was not an easy thing for us to do, we didn’t just sell a house – we sold our home of 26 years. I personally was very embarrassed, not to mention full of emotion, about the whole situation. However, from the very first contact, you put me at ease. And as promised, it remained private throughout the entire process. You both gave us peace of mind in a very stressful and very emotional time.

Kathy and Bill, Petaluma

I don’t know how you do it – dealing with all the red tape on a daily basis, but I sure am grateful that you are doing it! You and your company lived up to your promises and more importantly, my expectations…plus more!

Robert, Novato

Thank you for your help in this unusually complex real estate short sale involving two properties. I have already referred your services to several people and, who knows, might be contacting you again on another property which is unfortunately underwater. You have been very helpful in responding to questions in the short sale process.

Pat, Walnut Creek

I would like to say it has truly been a pleasure to work with you and your company.

Jim, San Francisco

I was facing foreclosure, I saw the KRON segment on Cal home Research. I was going through some hard times and I did not want to have a foreclosure on my credit report. This was my first home, I put my heart and soul into it. I made an appointment with Cal Home and met with Kris Karaglanis and the team. Kris and the Cal Home team are wonderful!!! They are a professional group that assisted me each step of the way. Most of all, they are a caring group. I can now move on with my life thanks to the team at Cal Home Research.

Sheryon, Oakland

Thank you Suzanne, Alisa and your team of professionals. I will definately recommend your team to my family and friends. Once again Thank You!!

Sylvia, Union City

You all have really made this a seamless transaction. I appreciate everyone’s hard work with our case. I will most definately spread the word about you and send customers your way for all real estate transactions.

Sherry, Fairfield

If you’re looking for a professional team, we highly recommend Cal Home Research. Thanks to Suzanne Rocha, Tom Ramsey and the Cal Home Research team we’re living in the house of our dreams. We felt like we were part of their team, all working together for the same goal and here we are my husband and I are closer to our children, our work, and living in a wonderful home!

Jan and Al, Benecia

Words cannot express how much we appreciate how hard you worked to “close the deal” with respect to our short sale, and the cash incentive that came with it. It was your amazing tenacity, persistence and resourcefulness that made it happen–and I whole-heartedly testify to the fact that you are the best I’ve ever had to pleasure to work with!!

Gregg and Janet, San Jose

I just wanted to thank you and all your co workers for all your endless help with this short sale. The home had been my grandmother’s and was in the family for years so making the decision to short sale was a very heartbreaking one. I know it is only a house but I have a lot of memories there. I just could not keep up with the increasing mortgage. When I saw your company on TV talking about short sales, I thought to myself, the way Suzanne spoke on TV talk about the company was very trustworthy. You and your co workers patience and hard work are greatly appreciated and respected. Thank you for making this personal difficult process for me a more positive one.

Corine, San Jose

CalhomeResearch was our calm throughout the very turbulent storm of the short sale of our home. Their professionalism did not falter throughout a very lengthy and frustrating process. They were patient with our never-ending queries and doubts and very sympathetic to the emotions that permeated over the course of several months. They are true experts in their field and succeed in securing favorable outcomes for their clients. We are so very grateful for their help and know that we could not have completed this process without them. We cannot speak highly enough of the entire team that supported our family and have already recommended their services to other friends in similar situations. Congratulations on a stellar team and continued success.

The Gibbins Family, formerly of Livermore, CA

We were at the point of facing foreclosure and The Cal Home Research team stepped in and made a very difficult Short Sale happen. I’m still amazed on how easy they made it on me and my family. It literally took one call to Cal Home Research and they took the burden and frustration off my shoulders. When we are ready to buy a home again, we only have one phone call to make. That call will be to Cal Home Research.

Neil, Santa Clara

Our family would like to thank your entire team for the quick and easy resolution of our Short Sale. Now, we can focus on rebuilding! We wish you all the best on your continued help with so many families.

Noland, Walnut Creek

With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to you. You made the entire Short Sale process stress free for us. We would recommend you to anyone. Thank you!

Deb, Discovery Bay

When I saw Suzanne on KRON 4 and what Cal Home Research had done for people in similar situations, I thought I would call. I would like to commend them for their professionalism and integrity on the transaction of our home. Suzanne made every detail in the sale of my home as effortless as possible and worked with me to ensure I understood every detail as well. Ever since I signed my agreement with Cal Home Research, I am still perfectly satisfied that I made the right decision. They have honored our agreement in every respect and were also true to their words on other details that were not even documented in the contract. I would implore anyone deciding to buy or sell their home to seek assistance from Cal Home Research.

Brandie, Castro Valley

I thank goodness for that evening when I was watching KRON4, and listened to Suzanne tell about the process of helping people with selling their property. I could feel how sincere she was, so I called the very next day as I needed help, and Tom Ramsey returned my call immediately. From that point on, I couldn’t have been in better hands. The process was a real learning experience, and with Cal Home Research and Tom by my side, I was able to complete the Short Sale. I watched this great team of people do their best to get the sale of my house completed. Their follow up on every phase was remarkable, and every question was answered throughout the entire process. I would greatly recommend Cal Home Research to anyone who is in need of selling their home. You won’t find a company more dedicated, knowledgeable and caring than Cal Home Research.

Frank, Benicia

As a previous member of a large Church in Pleasant Hill, we hear about troubled families who are facing hardship because of these tough economic times. We heard about Suzanne on KRON and about her helping families who are in trouble with their homes, from a Real Estate Broker in our church. He recommends Suzanne to some of his clients that need expertise through a Short Sale. He also told us that Suzanne and her team have been an answer to their prayers. Now, we recommend that all families who are facing tough decisions with their home call Suzanne too.

Jane, Pleasant Hill

After we saw Suzanne on television, we decided to call her. We were stressed out, losing sleep because we were not making our mortgage payments for the first time ever. We were underwater and feeling like we were drowning. I spoke to Suzanne and Kris who explained all our options and helped us navigate our way out of a mess with our mortgage companies. Unlike many other people we spoke with, they were so knowledgeable and understanding. If you need help, save yourself all the stress and call Cal Home Research.

Christina and Lee, Antioch

Even though I was not behind on my payments, I wanted mortgage relief as I owed far more on my home than it was worth. Kris knew just what to do. She explained all of my options and was able to take a load off my shoulders. I recommend her to everyone I know who is having tough times with this market!

Philip, Manteca

After 26 years as a government servant, I had an accident and went out on disability. I could no longer afford my house payments. I also owed more than my home was worth. Suzanne and her team helped me get the assistance I needed. I can finally sleep again at night!

Oscar, Concord

My husband and I thought we had achieved the American dream- a beautiful home~ Then came the economic crisis and our home was worth only half of what we paid for it. Our salary and hours were reduced which made it impossible to make our house payments. We started falling behind and could not catch up. We didn’t know what to do. We were going to lose our home to foreclosure and people kept telling us to just walk away. Then we saw Suzanne on T.V. and she was able to take us by the hand and help us get out from under a huge mess. We were able to rescue our credit, prevent the foreclosure and feel at peace for the first time in a very long time! We highly recommend Suzanne and her team.

Bob and Amber, Pittsburg

We lived in our home for over 22 years and like so many people took on a second mortgage to improve our property. We had a thriving business that came to an abrupt halt when the economy crashed. We were overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up with the payments. We didn’t know where to turn or who to trust. A good friend, who was saved from a similar situation, recommended that we call Suzanne and her staff. Suzanne did a fantastic job for us and never asked for a dime! We tell all who are in bad situation with their properties to call Suzanne!

Fred and Lynn, Oakley

My family and I thought we finally achieved our dream. We had a house of our own and a rental property. Then, I lost my job and our renters stopped paying rent. Our biggest assets had now become our biggest liabilities. Our dream was now a NIGHTMARE that was keeping us up at night, ruining our credit and tearing us apart. We called Suzanne. She came over and explained our options, worked with our banks and was able to get our property Short Sale approved. If you want peace of mind and some great help, call Suzanne and her team.

Ester, Antioch

I was getting ready for retirement, but then the mortgage crisis got of ahold of me. I found myself on a fixed income with little options. I saw Suzanne on the television and decided to give her a call. I really thought I had no hope. Suzanne explained everything so I could understand it. They processed my Short Sale. They handled it all just like she said on television. I moved to a lovely retirement community and now I can enjoy my retirement and grandkids thanks to Suzanne and the nice people at Cal Home Research.

Mini, San Francisco

Every so often I see Suzanne on television and I smile knowing she helped us too! As a law enforcement officer, our pay was affected by the cut backs and we struggled to pay our house payments and credit cards. I made the best call of my life to Suzanne and Kris who helped us Short Sale our home. What a relief and we have referred them to several co-workers also. You know when someone is good when you refer them to people you work with!

Mariana, Hayward

Wow! Just when I thought there was no way this could happen to me, but you (CHR) pulled a rabbit out of the hat. I can’t tell you how much bad advice I received. People kept telling me to walk away from my home. I knew that was not the right thing to do. I thought it was my fault for bad choices I had made. I called Suzanne and immediately made a connection right away. I know that I probably gave them a few gray hairs, but I couldn’t be more grateful!

Karen, San Jose

We found ourselves overwhelmed with health and financial issues. We lived in our home for over 30 years! We couldn’t believe we were in the position we were in. We called Cal Home Research after seeing Suzanne on TV. They guided us and handled it all. They are so trustworthy! They were able to get our home approved for a Short Sale and we were able to relocate with family. Thanks for all of you have done for us!

Wayne and Cindy, San Jose

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for all your hard work getting my home sold. When I saw you on KRON 4 and decided to contact you. I was under a lot of pressure due to the situation with my property. I was no longer able to keep renters in the property and I had been unemployed for a long time. Thanks so much for your work in getting this burden lifted off of me. It has allowed me to move on and focus on other important issues in my life. I will continue to recommend your company to my family and friends. I will be buying my next home in a short amount of time, thanks to Cal Home Research!

Sheri, San Ramon

My wife and I were first time home buyers and really excited to finally own a home, then the bottom fell out. My wife got laid off and we began to struggle. We started to withdraw often from our savings. We knew we were in trouble. Wells Fargo just gave us the run around and basically denied our loan modification twice. Many of our friends gave us bad advise with “just walk away”. We knew we couldn’t afford to keep our home any longer. We also knew that nothing is for free and walking away is going to have consequences. I saw Suzanne several times on television and finally picked up the phone to call her. She spent time with us and explained all our options. Cal Home Research was the answer to our prayers. We were able to get our home approved for a Short Sale. This was approved almost two years ago. We now are getting ready to buy again! We recommend Suzanne and her great staff to everyone!

Brian and Katherine, Livermore