Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Am I fully prepared to make an offer? Is my financing in place? Is it the right time? Is my credit where I want it to be to get the best rate? Do I want a fixer? How much will the value increase after I fix it up? Can I buy a property that has all the upgrades I want? What is the best area for the price, neighborhood, schools and future value? Can I afford the property? Am I fully informed about the property? Am I making an offer that I can afford and is desirable to the sellers?

The key is to make good decisions early on in the home buying process and to be fully prepared. If you are not fully prepared, you may lose out on great properties and your stress level will rise. Preparation include the following: financing, proof of available funds if paying all cash, research on neighborhoods, schools, anticipated costs associated with moving in or leasing it out, location, and future resale value. The better prepared you are as a buyer the happier you will be about your decisions and ultimately about your new property.

Buying property can be a very rewarding experience, but also an unhappy one if you work with an Agent that lacks the skills and abilities to get you the property you desire and can afford. As California Market Specialist, our superior knowledge, top negotiation skills and expertise will provide you with key information and tools you need to make the best Decisions and to be fully prepared!

What sets Cal Home apart from other real estate professionals

First, we know how important it is to find the “right” property. Properties are the foundations for families and financial gain. It is one of the most important decisions people can make in their lifetime. We do not take this lightly. We understand the importance of making a good decision and obtaining the right property.

We work with you side-by-side from your financial preparation to finding the best property. Most importantly, we develop the Cal Home Plan for our clients from the very beginning of our professional relationship. This plan prepares clients financially as well as identifies potential locations and properties through current market research. The Cal Home Plan is unique to each client including, but not limited to, ensuring you have the best financial package to the selection of properties which best meet your wish list. Nothing, but success emerges from careful planning to ensure your purchase is the right one!

Our expertise enables our clients to be top contenders for the properties they want to purchase. Representing you allows our outstanding reputation to accompany your offer. We are well known for representing clients who are educated in the offer-to-close of escrow process as well as fully prepared which allows the seller to feel peace of mind in their selection of our client’s offer. Bottom line, our superior understanding and knowledge allows for a smooth transaction into your new home.

Dream Homes

For many Buyers today’s market has meant getting “more of a house for less money”. Many Buyers have now been able to afford their dream home! With record low interest rates and bargain price properties, this market has produced many happy buyers owning property they once thought they never could afford. Dreams have come true in this market with us by your side.

If you find the right home at a great price, buy it!

A buyer who comes across “the right property” at the “right price” should do their best to buy it. Disappointment and regret can keep you awake at night. A good analogy would be if you found a perfect suit on sale and you decide to wait to see if the price will drop even further. You return to find your perfect suit is no longer available in your size. Missing out is never fun. As California Market Specialists, we have provided our clients with “the right home” at the best price in today’s market. We provide you with valuable information to make the best decision.

It’s all a matter of value

The best word to describe our service is VALUE. Our premier firm is known for the value we provide our clients. Our expertise and the Cal Home Plan have allowed our clients to enjoy the peace of mind that making the right purchase can provide. We value our clients and they never make “a move” without us!