One of the biggest questions homeowners are faced with is – When is it a good time to sell my home for the best price? Without the existence of crystals balls, homeowners often rely on current market research and the exceptional ability of a Real Estate Agent/Broker. There is no doubt that the mortgage meltdown of 2007 left some people bitter from that market which was full of challenges for many years.

Now in 2016 and for the past couple of years, we have seen significant value growth across California. With increasing prices in many areas homeowners couldn’t be happier.  With low inventory equaling less competition and adding low interest rates, the formula for successful couldn’t be better if you are wanting to gain the most out of this market!

Don’t Miss a Great Opportunity!

For many homeowners selling property in this market can potentially mean receiving multiple offers that can exceed the listing price if the property is priced well in the beginning.  If homeowners are looking to move and sell their property, now be may a great time. Try not to miss out on an opportunity to sell your property and buy a great property using these low interest rates.  Research is showing that California property is not shooting up rapidly in value. So holding onto property for another year or two is not necessarily going to allow you to make substantially more money. Particularly if you are interested in buying another property, you may miss a great opportunity.  Currently, mortgage rates are still low making financing a great property even more attractive.  As experts, we believe in looking at every angle of a transaction. We examine the short and long term benefits as well as the market forecast to enable our clients to sell at the best possible time.  Additionally, a lower interest payment, if you qualify, would be well worth the move. Again, don’t miss out on the opportunities this market is offering. Real Estate is cyclical meaning that it never stays the same.  Currently we are in a SELLER’S MARKET.  Homeowners who can take advantage of this type of market are almost always glad they did!

One of countless examples we can share is with our clients who sold their 2 bedroom 2 bath home in Livermore with 1250 square feet to accommodate a family of 4. We were able to obtain an over listing offer for their property. We turned around and found them a dream home on a golf course to fit their growing family and much more! They bought a 3100 square foot property with all the upgrades they wanted for a price they could afford. They were able to get a lower interest mortgage payment that they could afford comfortably. They told us that they have to pinch themselves sometimes overlooking the view from their grand backyard! They also shared with us that they would have never been able to afford their new home if they had waited to sell their other property. It would have been a missed opportunity.

What Low Inventory Means To Sellers

Currently, many sellers are experiencing multiple offers on their properties. With a low inventory market, many buyers are willing to give up asking for expensive requests, repairs and closing costs. Even some buyers are waiving many contingencies that would have been a part of the transaction in a different market climate. When there is a decrease in available properties, buyer demands tend to get much easier to accommodate. Many Sellers are able to sell property in an As-Is condition saving time and money.

Often times, Sellers are abliStock_000045362840_Mediume to receive funds quicker with shorter close of escrows with many buyers paying all cash for properties. In addition, sellers are in a position to ask for terms that are favorable to their situation to help in the transition to another property. Keep in mind that a low inventory market is not always going to remain.

The Seller Advantage

Working with us at Cal Home is an advantage. We offer our clients top Negotiation Skills, Innovative Marketing, Superior Market Knowledge and the ability to meet your goal…it’s that simple. As a high-profile premiere real estate firm in the bay area many buyers routinely follow our listings. We are well known for our trustworthiness as well for our track record of success! We believe in our clients’ goals and get the job done. We pride ourselves in the ability to achieve top prices for our listings all over the Bay Area and beyond. Our knowledge is beyond understanding your immediate need and the market, but also negotiating the best price for you. We make happy clients for life!